Action Lab

The Action Lab, a dedicated digital teaching and learning laboratory within EdPlus, will engage in deep learning analytics, providing continuous program improvement ultimately resulting in student success.

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Research should be applicable and practical in ways that result in continuous improvement in digital learning innovation.

― Lou Pugliese, Action Lab Managing Director and Senior Innovation Fellow

Action Lab Projects

Research ASU Online to determine the efficacy of fully online accredited programs in various subject area disciplines. Topics will include learning effectiveness, course design and student engagement measures.

Digital Learning Efficacy

Examine learning effectiveness in non-traditional learning platforms, such as MOOCs, leveraging ASU Global Freshman Academy as a control model.

Alternative Design & Delivery Modalities

Research adaptive logic models and the science of determining the efficacy of establishing a true personalized learning environment.

Adaptive Learning Systems

The Challenge

There is a growing chasm between the private sector supply-side of digital education products and the needs of the demand-side higher education institutions. The Action Lab aspires to provide critical research designed to impact early developments in ongoing digital education innovation and invention.

Our Mission

Making technology-enabled education research useful for systemic, scalable and radical advancement in digital teaching and learning.

Our Approach

Drawing from ASU's digital learning leadership position and world class research capacity in cognitive science, adaptive learning and social science, the Action Lab analyzes deep learning analytics and translates the data into practical classroom applications to improve student outcomes at scale.

Join the Action Lab in changing the future of edtech through innovative research.

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Art Blakemore

Vice Provost for Student Success & Professor, Office of University Provost

Ian Douglas

Executive Director, Institute for Science of Teaching & Learning

Jim Gee

Regents' Professor, Ph.D Fulton Presidential Chair of Literature Studies

Dr. Mari Koerner

Alice Wiley Snell Professor & Dean, Mary Lou Fulton Teachers College

Phil Regier

University Dean Educational Initiatives, CEO of EdPlus

Kurt VanLehn

Professor, Computing, Infomatics & Decision Science Engineering