Our Role in the University (visual diagram)

The image demonstrates EdPlus’s role as an enterprise unit within Arizona State University, represented by three connected columns of information encased in a gray oval. From left to right, the columns include Knowledge Core, three types of enterprises at ASU and Enterprise Units. In the chart below, read a description of each column and how they connect with the other columns.

Column Description
First column

There’s an outer gold circle, labeled as Faculty, Staff, Researchers, Knowledge Entrepreneurs.

Within the outer gold circle, there’s a maroon circle with the text, Knowledge Core in bold and ASU Colleges and Schools underneath.

There are also three white, double-pointed arrows that connect Knowledge Core to the three types of enterprises listed in column two.

Second column

There are three types of enterprises represented in this column in stacked white ovals. From top to bottom, these include Academic Enterprise, Knowledge Enterprise and Learning Enterprise.

To the right of these ovals, there are a set of three black, double-pointed arrows that connect the types of enterprises to the Enterprise Unit in the third column. 

Third column

There is an outer black dotted line that runs through the three types of enterprises that make up the second column. 

There is also a black circle within the dotted line that represents Enterprise Units.




In the text next to the image, read more about how EdPlus works through the three types of enterprises to support the knowledge core at ASU.

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