EdPlus at Arizona State University

Education at scale and speed for everyone, everywhere

At EdPlus, we’re solving problems, creating opportunities and finding new paths to shape a generation of master learners.

ASU tops list of most innovative schools

U.S. News and World Report named ASU #1 in the nation for innovation ahead of both M.I.T and Stanford.

“Online education isn’t just a bolt on,
it’s a comprehensive, integrated system”

- Howard Schultz, CEO and chairman of Starbucks

Excellence. Access. Impact.

Our projects build on the principles laid out in the ASU Charter and we strive to have a major impact on society.

  • inclusion vs. exclusion
  • research and discovery of public value
  • responsibility to the broader community

A new standard for teaching and learning

Our digital learning platform is innovative, collaborative and multifaceted. In a place where everyone contributes, we build on each other’s expertise to develop the highest-quality products to create a new generation of master learners.