PLuS Alliance

Research meets collaboration
The PLus Alliance is a partnership between Arizona State University, King’s College London and UNSW Sydney.
The PLus Alliance is a partnership between Arizona State University, King’s College London and UNSW Sydney.

Together, these three universities tackle the global challenges around health, social justice, sustainability and technology and innovation through education and research.

The Alliance combines research forces of the three universities and offers cross-institutional degrees that are focused on global needs and global impact to students around the world.

As a leader in the Alliance, EdPlus at ASU is dedicated to breaking the global barriers of education, by developing alliances with other universities who share a similar passion for solving global challenges.

We can’t solve global challenges alone

Increased educational attainment helps transform lives by reducing poverty, improving health outcomes, advancing technology and increasing social cohesion. - UNESCO GEM Report

Educational attainment and sustainable outcomes are large challenges we face as a society. These significant issues are impacting the way educational institutions are teaching and collaborating. Instead of competing for students, the PLuS Alliance presents a way for people to study custom curriculum from all three top-tier research universities.

"The PLuS Alliance brings together some of the best minds on the planet & tackle many of the big questions facing our societies today, which would simply not be possible for one institution working alone.” - Edward Byrne, president & principal of King's

Together we’re pursuing a sustainable future
  • Access to world-class education to produce a globally-minded workforce.
  • Programs in sustainability, global health, social justice and the responsible innovation of advanced technologies.
  • Shared courses so students can learn from institutions across the globe.
  • Fully-online programs and seed-funded projects.

The PLuS Alliance was the start of changing the global conversation. Since its inception, our three universities have made a massive impact in the global education space. The Alliance will continues to create more sustainable solutions to the challenges we face, through their tri-continental partnership.

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