Collaboration meets chat

Pitch is an instant messaging platform that seamlessly plugs in to the ASU ecosystem, and allows students to collaborate with each other, whether in class, at home, at work or on-the-go. Pitch is available for students on their computer or mobile device.

This innovative collaborative communication tool is made possible by EdPlus at ASU, and serves all ASU students by giving them an outlet to communicate with their peers, professors and instructors, advisors and success coaches.

We are committed to bringing live, ongoing discussions to our students through Pitch, so they can connect, collaborate and drive their student success.

Communication and Collaboration should be simple

Complicated tools and communication systems can make life harder than it has to be for students. We see the simpler side of collaboration, which enables our students to move forward and be successful with one simple application that allows them to connect with all the right people. Pitch utilizes an AI chatbot that can answer questions on the fly, offers crowd sourced syllabuses and live career advisors ready to chat with students.

86% of students indicate they want to use instant messaging in their education.

“Allowing real time access to the ASU community, results in higher student success regardless of location.” Drew Langhart, product manager, Next Generation.

  • Available on Android and iOS, and on desktop.
  • Integrates with Blackboard and My ASU.
  • Dashboard that informs students of important academic calendar dates.
  • Career guidance available to students through the Pitch Career Bot.
  • Private and public channels for interest-based conversations or class communication. Communicate and organize conversations by interest, classes, projects, or anything else.

Pitch provides an outlet for instantaneous collaboration and communication, where students can thrive and move their student life forward by bringing the right people, conversations, tools and information they need in order to be successful. We’re empowering students to combine forces through a digital messaging landscape, so they can ultimately reach their full potential.

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