Orchard: An adaptive learning library and learning experience platform

Orchard is a set of interconnected technologies that serve:

  • Learners throughout their learning journeys, enabling them to explore different learning experiences aligned to their interests, form new goals and attain those goals through engaging, personalized learning experiences.
  • Educators, enabling them to discover, reuse, reimagine and share learning content that can be rapidly deployed in different configurations to create customized learning experiences and leverage data analytics to offer learners the right support at the right time.

Through interconnected learning maps on a shared technology backbone, students can follow unique pathways to personalized success by potentially crossing over to other disciplines or earlier course content to refresh their memory or fill in previous knowledge gaps.

illustration of adaptive learning platform

Why Orchard?

Our goal with Orchard is to benefit learners, remain globally competitive, support our principles of inclusion and stimulate social progress. To be successful with this though, we must increase credential attainment among all learners. Providing learners access to cutting-edge, research-based learning experiences that maximize learner engagement, personalization and outcomes at scale will require the alleviation of a number of barriers in the way.

Problems we hope to address

  • No easy way to share content with other organizations.
  • One-size-fits-all approach to learning content.
  • Learning content not granular enough to support universal learner.
  • Expensive to create new learning experiences.
  • Limited/no cross-discipline visibility of content.
  • Culture- and country-centric content not relevant to all learners.
  • Hard to keep content current.
  • Limited data analytics available on quality of content.
  • Waste of faculty time recreating content.

Developing the Orchard adaptive learning platform

ASU is in the midst of developing Orchard. This page will be updated as the learning platform continues to evolve.

What the Orchard learning experience will be

Graphic illustrating how the components of Orchard fit together

Learning objects

A learning object is a piece of content with accompanying learning objectives, descriptive text, activity and assessment.

Learning library

A learning library is a collection of learning objects, educational material and assessment tools used by educators and students.

Orchard’s learning library is a feature-rich database leveraging current technologies and standards to tag, search, surface and recommend digital learning objects and experiences based on sophisticated metadata and taxonomies.

Adaptive learning

Adaptive learning is a technique used to provide personalized learning to students. Through adaptive learning, instructors can provide students with efficient, customized learning paths.

Learning experience platform

A learning experience platform is a platform where the learner interacts with the learning objects surfaced through the learning experience mapper and the adaptive engine, following a personalized journey. We envision this platform as being interoperable with most learning management systems, leveraging existing IMS Global standards.

Learning map

A learning map is a graphical representation of where a learning object sits with respect to other learning objects, and how that content relates to a given learner on their journey. A learning map also showcases the most important takeaways for students in a lesson, unit or course.

Learning experience mapper

A learning experience mapper is an authoring platform where subject matter experts, instructors and instructional designers can scope and sequence learning objects from the learning object database into learning pathways, enabling adaptive, personalized pathways for learners.