Interests meets academics

me3 is an online interactive major and career quiz that students can take to explore their interests, options and future. Students can explore the different majors and careers that fit their interests and passions, making them better prepared to select a degree program.

The me3 quiz is made available to all high school students, college students, and career seekers who are unsure of their career path, and are looking to better understand what their interests are.

This product is supported by multiple units at ASU, including EdPlus, and is available to everyone for free!

In addition, me3 is licensable for any institution. Reach out to the me3 team and learn more about how to make me3 yours! Email

We believe that the more students know about themselves before charting an academic pathway, the better equipped they will be to make decisions regarding their future.

Choosing a degree program can be complex

Choosing an academic path can be difficult if a student is undecided about their interests or the major they want to pursue. The me3 major and career quiz guides students through a series of visual choices, which represents their levels of interest in data, things, people and ideas. The me3 quiz then provides matches that best fit the user's interest code and the corresponding career options.

About 80% of students in the United States end up changing their major at least once.

“Students love the ability to explore careers that may have not crossed their mind.” - Lisa Flesher, director of strategic initiatives at EdPlus

We’re charting a more accurate academic pathway
  • me3 uses the RIASEC model, which has more empirical support than any other career theory.
  • ​Quiz that allows students to choose from a series of images based on their interests.
  • Interests will be matched from more than 500 careers available, which can be ranked in order of preference.
  • me3 provides a list of majors based on the student’s career results.

Through a single quiz, users have the ability to chart their academic pathway based on their interests and passions. me3 was developed to narrow the gap between uncertainty and career paths. Closing this gap has been linked to greater career stability and job satisfaction, and an overall better college experience for students.

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