Watch every second of the universe being born in ten minutes

ASU faculty explore the origin story of the universe

Via The Verge

Let’s take it way back...

13.8 billion years of black holes, galaxies and exploding stars is a lot for the human mind to conceptualize. But this mind-blowing timelapse video shows the creation of the universe in just 10 minutes.

On a scale of events, human history is merely a raindrop in a thunderstorm. With each second representing 22 million years, this video shows how ancient our universe is and how young humans are.

Boldly going where no university has gone before

While understanding the breadth of the universe is no easy task, ASU professor Judd Bowman contributed to this area of study by detecting the first light from the first stars about 180 million years after the the big bang. In 2015, Bowman was the instructor for the ASU Online section of AST 111/113, Introduction to Solar Systems Astronomy.

Bowman went on to lead a group of researchers from several institutions to understand how the earliest stars in the universe were born using radio signals. This knowledge is vital in creating visuals, such as the timelapse video you see here, for the public to learn more about the creation of the universe. Plus, it’s pretty cool stuff to sink your teeth into.

ASU faculty have gone on to receive multiple awards and have made numerous contributions to the study of the universe. Ariel Anbar, another ASU Online professor in the School of Earth and Space Exploration, created a pioneering course called “Habitable Words” that merges technology and gamification. In the course, students are posed with questions like “are we alone?”

As humans continue to create a deeper history within the universe, ASU faculty are committed to the cutting-edge research that makes knowledge about the birth of the universe possible. After all, videos like these continue to remind us how small we truly are, and how far we have yet to go.

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