Success coach’s actions remind us of why we are here

Hilary Yastrum has been an EdPlus Success Coach since September 2016 and loves working with students to set goals, overcome obstacles and approach problems from different angles. A special bond has formed between Hilary and student Mason, an undergraduate software engineer major living in California who dreams of going to medical school. Hilary provides continuous support and recognition that helps Mason realize a close, personal connection to the university while knowing he has a coach fighting alongside him to reach his goals.

Hilary shared some words of encouragement she’d written to Mason. Her guidance underscores the deep relationships that many of our success coaches have formed with students and why retention numbers continue to climb. Here’s an excerpt from that message (which Mason has consented to us sharing): “...I am glad that the new changes to your plan are not deterring you from your medical school goal and only making you work harder to find a doable action plan! Your son is going to know that you worked hard for your family and that you stayed committed to your dreams! He will see that you sacrificed your free time to balance between all areas of life and prioritized your family all the way through. When he is ready to conquer his own goals, he will be able to apply the same effort and dedication that you showed him through your own life goals!”

Thanks to Hilary for reminding us why we come to work each day!