Success Center Coach Kudos!

Student Success Coach Hannah Mejia is part of a team that makes sure our ASU Online students fit seamlessly into the culture of ASU. Recently, one of the students Mejia works with, Vincent, shared how he feels about his experience. "I did want to take the time to personally thank you for walking me through all of my questions and inquiries. You certainly made me feel a part of the ASU community even though I was across the country. I appreciate you taking the time to connect and build rapport with not just myself, but the other students you interact with on a daily basis. I WILL be sure to keep ASU in mind should I choose to seek a higher degree."

Separately, a culture phenomenon is occurring in the Student Success Center where “Friendly Friday Fairies” have been anonymously and randomly recognizing success coaches, all who serve the university, are bold, strive for excellence, solve problems, feel a sense of urgency and achieve milestones in their work serving our learners every day. Each Friday, the fairies select peers and, when nobody is looking, leave gifts with a friendly note. The anonymous fairies have brought smiles to the faces of many coaches and members of the leadership team. Their thoughtfulness and selflessness elevates the EdPlus culture.