Rolling out the red carpet for ASU Online graduates at EdPlus

It’s no secret that spring graduation is ASU Online Engagement Manager Casey Francis’ favorite time of year here at EdPlus! The pomp and circumstance, fireworks, decorated mortar boards and endless traffic around the stadium. Those physical experiences also occurred for some of the 3,000 spring ASU Online graduates. More than 600 people, including grads from all over the world and their families, attended this year’s EdPlus Graduation and Welcome Reception, hosted by Francis and the Success Center coaches for EdPlus. 

“It’s our way of honoring online students by bringing them together from all over the world to see each other, hear from Phil Regier and Leah Lommel and to celebrate their accomplishments,” she said.
Francis knows that EdPlus staff have many questions and she has taken a crack at answering them!

  • Yes, students are able to put names to faces. Check out this story written by Digital Marketing Manager Hanna Friess about the event and a student meeting their coach.
  • Yes, you can volunteer for the Welcome Reception in December. If you want to recharge your feel-good batteries, this is the event to go to. Slack @csfranci and she will get you on the list. 
  • Yes, we have an ever-growing population of graduating students. Spring 2018 a and b sessions saw nearly 3,000 ASU Online graduates, up from 2,414 conferred degrees in Spring “a” and “b” 2017. 
  • And yes, we see students coming to graduate with their peers from beyond Arizona and California to Hawaii, Japan and the Dominican Republic, just to name several locations!