PLuS Alliance launches program for next generation of researchers

Via ASU Now

The PLuS Alliance has announced a new program designed to increase global and interdisciplinary skills for the next generation of research leaders. The PLuS International Interdisciplinary Researchers Program (PIIR) aims to provide researchers with the tools they need to succeed in a research-driven landscape.

Launched in 2016, the PLuS Alliance is a partnership between Arizona State University, King’s College London and UNSW Sydney. Since then, the alliance has grown to offer unique programs and opportunities for researchers, and PIIR is the newest program in their suite of offerings.

PIIR is open to ASU, King’s or UNSW Sydney PhD candidates and postdoctoral researchers (up to five years post-PhD) who have a research focus across one of the PLuS Alliance’s key themes: global health, sustainability, social justice and technology and innovation.

The overall goal of PIIR is to train and develop these researchers in global networks, working across transdisciplinary teams, communication, leadership and career development. Researchers in the program can be granted a PIIR certificate after they complete the one-year program. The program includes a combination of courses online, in-person meetings, workshops and webinars.

Researchers in the PIIR program will also be able to apply for funding to support their travel to any of the three universities in the PLuS Alliance, as co-mentoring is strongly encouraged from the universities. Applications are open through the end of July and the program runs from September 2018 through September 2019.

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