A perfect match: graduate school and success coaching

Via The Graduate Insider

Graduate Students. They’re more mature and responsible, accustomed to self-motivation and are all-in on their investment to further their education. These attributions are considered a perfect combination for learning online. But behind every graduate student’s struggles to maintain a job, their personal commitments and maybe even a family, is their success coach.

ASU Online success coaches help graduate students find balance and succeed in an online environment. Finding a balance is never easy, but success coaches filter through all of the student’s competing priorities and create a personalized plan for them, ensuring a higher success rate.

Chris Kozma, a success coach, says that most of the graduate students he coaches are returning to school after having careers and starting families. ASU Online success coaches provide a way to help students bridge the gaps between their current life and their new online pursuit.

“Education is not a standalone endeavor, but a piece of the puzzle of each student’s life, and the coaches help the students to find ways for that piece to fit so that they can be as successful as possible,” said Casey Evans, Director of Academic Program Management for EdPlus at ASU.

The ASU Online success coaches communicate with graduate students through a variety of channels including phone calls and emails. They also use Pitch, a collaborative instant messaging platform that seamlessly plugs into the ASU ecosystem and allows students another way to communicate with their success coach.

The best part? Students can focus on their studies while knowing that someone is always available to help them overcome hurdles and ultimately achieve greatness.

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