Via Phoenix Business Journal

Since 2014, The Starbucks College Achievement Plan has helped employees from all ages and positions in achieving a college degree from ASU Online.

Corey duBrowa, a senior vice president at Starbucks, foresees the company blowing past its goal of helping 25,000 employees get degrees by 2025. Most recently, EdPlus at ASU and Starbucks expanded the opportunity for employees by creating the Pathway to Admission program.

“What Starbucks executives quickly discovered was that one in five Starbucks employees didn't meet the academic qualifications to be admitted to ASU,” said Mary Dixon, director of the Starbucks College Achievement Plan.

The Pathway to Admission program takes care of the 20 percent of Starbucks employees who were ineligible for admission into ASU. This new program will help another 15,000 employees get their degree.

Those employees who originally didn’t qualify can now pay a $49 fee to be entered into ASU’s Global Freshman Academy, where they will take the courses they need to gain admission into ASU.

“We’re looking at a future in which we need to create more jobs and more opportunities for more people, and we’re access points,” duBrowa said. “It feels like we’re doing something in partnership with ASU that’s great for our business and our shareholders and for our people and maybe equally as important, for the country.”

Since the Starbucks College Achievement Plan launched, more than 8,600 employees have enrolled, and by the end of 2017, more than 1,000 students are expected to graduate.

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