OfficeVibe Q&A with EdPlus Chief Culture Officer, Patty Feldman

Periodically, EdPlus employees are asked by “Leo the Bot” to respond to OfficeVibe surveys that provide staff with an opportunity to say how they feel. These questions rate sentiment on a scale of 1-10 and, in some cases, provide an opportunity for open-ended responses. In this Q&A with EdPlus True Stories (ETS), Patty looks at the results of recent OfficeVibe data and offers her observations.

ETS: What is your vision for OfficeVibe?

PF: Our EdPlus employees are phenomenal and I am always looking for different ways to collect feedback and support the staff.  Having an open forum to express feelings about working here is one way to do that. OfficeVibe is a tool that signals the EdPlus degrees of engagement and can assist in knowing how we are trending on various measures.  The tool is easy to respond to and is a quick weekly report card on how we are doing. Staff also have the opportunity to submit comments to open-ended questions (anonymously or not) and these responses help managers understand whether we are staying true to the EdPlus values.

ETS: What are the 10 key indicators that OfficeVibe measures?

PF: OfficeVibe is focused on 10 key metrics of employee engagement. These include: personal growth, recognition, relationship with peers, happiness, satisfaction, ambassadorship, feedback, relationship with manager, wellness, and alignment.

ETS: So, how is EdPlus doing overall?

PF: The employee engagement summary changes from week to week.  Responses are aggregated and our current overall engagement score is a 7.4. This is considered very good and means that we are decently engaged at work, in fact, doing better than most companies out there. But, we have work to do.

ETS: Can you give us a couple of examples of how EdPlus is doing according to one of these key metrics?

PF: Yes, let’s look at ambassadorship. This measures the level of pride employees have towards EdPlus and whether they would recommend EdPlus to other people. Our current score is a 7.8 which is considered very good.

One of the biggest changes this week is an increase in satisfaction with relationship to peers.  This metric represents trust, communication and collaboration between peers. On average, employees trust each other but ensuring that we all continue to collaborate well with each other will improve our overall satisfaction

ETS: How does the EdPlus leadership team respond to specific comments made by staff?

PF: First, let me say that constructive feedback from staff is always welcome. Positive or negative. We take every comment seriously and where employees have self-identified, supervisors respond directly to the employee. Anonymous comments are also taken seriously. In those cases, we look for trends and take action when appropriate.

ETS: Can you give us an example of a trend you have seen in the anonymous comments and tell us how the leadership team is responding?

PF: Sure. There are a few examples I will share. First, people are looking for more information about what’s going on in other departments. To that, we have scheduled more EdPlus Talks hosted by team leads and designed to quickly educate staff about our key initiatives. We’ve also increased our focus on internal communications through vehicles like this newsletter and Ask Phil videos. And, we are providing open forums for staff to ask Dean Regier any question they want. In fact, we are hosting a Town Hall on May 2 from 3:30 to 4:30 in SkySong Building 3, (Synergy) for all staff to gather and engage directly with Phil on any topic.

ETS: Any last thoughts?

PF: Yes! Thanks to the EdPlus Team for all you do.  I look forward to hearing from each of you.