Lunch and Learn recap: Using Mindfulness to create community

What makes you feel part of the community at EdPlus? Maybe it’s shared interests, common goals, serving students, being with people who lift you up and care about you? If we are mindful of one another, we create community that builds momentum and shapes projects allowing us to deliver at scale, explained Dr. Minu Ipe, Knowledge Enterprise Architect and Senior Fellow for Leadership and Institutional Design at ASU.  

In this session, we learned four mindful ways that we can each build community at EdPlus.  

  1. Intentionality‒Pause before you act. Think about what you are going to do, who you are going to spend time with, what you are going to support. Act with purpose.

  2. Moments‒Be curious and interested in colleagues. Listen deeply, value ideas and incorporate what you learn into workflow.

  3. Invitation‒Bring unexpected colleagues into your world, involve them to solve challenges, create opportunities for even greater breakthroughs.

  4. Narratives‒Who inspires you at EdPlus? Why do you want come to work every day? Practice your EdPlus story.

Dr. Ipe challenged all of us at EdPlus to take these mindful practices and come up with our own personal actions that will further build community within our unit. Examples include: Have a five minute conversation with a staff member you have not met; take a new step to show compassion and build trust with your colleagues.