Life after the field: How EdPlus partnerships help athletes

Via ASU Now

Only 2 percent of college athletes become professional football or basketball players, according to Kenneth Shropshire, CEO of the Global Sport Institute at ASU. The other 98%, need to quickly adapt to a post-playing lifestyle, which often includes finding a career. 

Arizona State University is one of the few school’s taking on the challenge of post-playing careers for college athletes. With the efforts of EdPlus at ASU, athletes are receiving customized solutions for their education through unique partnerships created to give them opportunities beyond their college playing career. 

“There are numerous studies that illustrate how much better life is with a college degree than without. This better life includes healthier lifestyles, active citizenship and even smoking less. This is even more so the case for athletes who are the rare few that knowingly enter their first career knowing that at some point they will have to begin a second one,” Shropshire said. 

EdPlus at ASU has created a number of partnerships that leverages ASU Online with the aid of the Global Sports Institute to continue to help athletes achieve their greatness not only off the field, but after the field. These partnerships include the NBA G League, adidas, and the USA Triathlon. 

“The greatest future outcome would be if other major research universities began to create programs assisting these athletes to come back and complete degrees or obtain advanced degrees,” Shropshire said. 

EdPlus continues to foster relationships and partnerships that help student athletes to be successful off the field. By better understanding the challenges these athletes face, ASU can continue to provide the support they need in their post-playing careers. 

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