Inside Higher Ed highlights Action Lab Digital Learning research

Via Inside Higher Ed

Digital learning can improve student outcomes and affordability, expand access and reduce operational costs for institutions, according to case studies of six leading online portfolios.

Researchers behind Making Digital Learning Work say their study supports that view. A wide-ranging new report from the Arizona State University Action Lab and the Boston Consulting Group, posits six case studies of prominent online offerings and finds that strategic digital learning initiatives are beneficial for students and institutional planners. 

The report identified seven promising practices from the case study institutions that colleges and universities can adopt to implement successful digital learning approaches:

  • Develop a portfolio of different digital delivery models tailored to the particular needs of the institution's student populations;
  • Build the capabilities and expertise to ensure quality courses and curricula given the unique challenges and opportunities in the digital realm;
  • Offer a network of tailored student success services for online learners;
  • Engage faculty as partners by ensuring they play a role in key decisions, and providing professional development for teaching online;
  • Create a central team to manage the institution's digital learning portfolio ensuring it remains a high priority and sustains momentum;
  • Tap outside vendors strategically to accelerate innovation, expand capabilities and boost enrollment;
  • Develop strong analytical capabilities and reporting systems to engage in continuous improvement.

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