Hack Day preview at EdPlus on ASU Innovation Day Nov. 16

EdPlus colleagues are eager to find out what they can expect for Hack Day coming up Dec. 6-7. Stuart Rice, Creative Design Lead for Culture spoke with EdPlus True Stories and shared some of the details. He promises that all will be revealed on Nov. 16, which is ASU Innovation Day. On that day, EdPlus cross-departmental teams of ten will meet with Hack Day organizers in 20-minute sessions for a Hack Day preview and to get their assignments.

EdPlus True Stories (EPTS): So Stuart, can you tell us the overall theme of Hack Day 2018?

Stuart Rice (SR): This year we are going to do something different. We are going to hack ourselves. I’ll give you a hint. It involves OfficeVibe.

EPTS: Hack Day itself is not until Dec. 6-7. What do we need to know about the pre-Hack Day event going on during ASU Innovation Day on Nov. 16?

SR: Actually, between now and Nov. 16 the Hack Day organizers are going to identify cross-departmental teams of 10. We’ll notify each EdPlus employee which team they are on and let them know what time and where to meet for 20 minutes on Nov. 16. Details will be revealed then. 

EPTS: How does OfficeVibe connect to Hack Day?

SR: All I can say is that on Nov. 16, each EdPlus Hack Day team will be given a kit that pertains to their assignment. 

EPTS:  Really Stuart! What’s in the kit?

SR: Well, without revealing too much, I’ll tell you that the kit will contain resources specific to OfficeVibe that will give teams the tools they need to create a hack using principles of Appreciative Inquiry and Systems Thinking. 

EPTS: Are there any expectations for the teams between Nov. 16 and Hack Day on Dec. 6-7

SR: Teams are not required to meet again prior to December 6. Everything can be produced at Hack Day. However, since the teams will know their Hack Day challenge ahead of time, they are welcome to get together informally, schedules permitting. 

EPTS: Is there anything else going on Nov. 16 as part of Innovation Day?

SR: Yep! We are all invited to Sun Devil Stadium from 3-5pm. for an Innovation Day department showcase. EdPlus will highlight the Success Coaching Center as our innovation. Six Success Coaches will share how they approach student engagement with our broader ASU cross-enterprise team. EdPlus Success Coaches presenting are Elise Pinkowski, Liliana Diaz, Cassandra Barbieri, Erica Fuller, Erika Stiller, and Amy Gordon.  Check with your supervisor first and, if possible, please come out to represent EdPlus and support our coaches! Hack Day will start at 8:30 am on December 6 and it goes until 3:30 pm We are serving lunch that day. EdPlus will then head over to the Hotel Valley Ho for our holiday party from 4-6pm. On December 7, we will start at 8:30 am with presentations and announcement of the winner.