EdPlus reaching opportunity youth to help them get their “Edge”

EdPlus employees were instrumental in the launch of Edge, a soft skills development platform for opportunity youth (16 to 24-year-olds who are currently neither working nor in school). The program, funded by the Schultz Family Foundation, is designed to teach customer service skills through free modules available on mobile devices. The goal is to reach 10,000 opportunity youth by September and 20,000 by March 2019.

EdPlus Project Manager, Brian Nethero manages Edge for EdPlus. He explains that Edge is part of the 100,000 Opportunities Initiative that connects young people with employers and community-based organizations on the ground in cities across the country. “Edge is just that - an easily accessible boost for 5 to 7 million opportunity youth, created to motivate, educate and get them into the workforce”, explains Nethero, adding, “We are reaching them where they are and connecting them to skills that will help launch their careers.”

The modules teach essential professional skills that can be used right away including Dealing with Difficult Situations, Active Listening, Working on a Team, and Developing a Professional Image. After a module is competed the learner receives a certificate from ASU that can be used on their resume and in job applications.