EdPlus celebrates as four staff members earn ASU graduate degrees

EdPlus is proud to honor four of its own who knock it out of the park every day at work and have now taken it to the next level earning master’s degrees in their fields from ASU. Grace Gormley, Tara O’Brien, Kam Samadi and Lindsey Jensen share how they earning their master’s degrees will impact their lives moving forward.

Gormley, a success coach, earned her master’s in higher and postsecondary education.

“Working at EdPlus as a Success Coach during my degree has given me perspective of what it means to apply theory and practice of higher education administration,” she said. “I now have the ability to analyze issues confronting different colleges while implementing meaningful change through my everyday practice with effective problem solving, inclusion, and collaboration that EdPlus practices.”


O’Brien, Edplus senior program coordinator for culture, earned her master of science in technical communication. “I am graduating with a 4.0 GPA and have independent international research,” she said. “This summer, I will be sharing my research at the Association of Computing Machinery Special Interest Group for the Design of Communication conference after receiving an award from Microsoft to present.” 


Samadi, one of EdPlus’ Success Coaches, earned his master of education in educational technology. “I have started designing training content, particularly in online modules, in my current role in the Success Coaching Center, and I aim to gradually transition my career into becoming an Instructional Designer, hopefully here at EdPlus.” he said. “I would love to be able to build courses for our online programs, making use of the advances in technology to facilitate and improve learning.”


Jensen, a project manager at EdPlus, earned her master of science in information management. “Working at EdPlus makes me feel like I’m part of “the future of education,” she said. “ASU being seen as innovative (#1 three years in a row now!) – in no small part due to the work that EdPlus is doing - makes my tech-based degree all the more valuable. My degree has already been helping me with some of the more technical aspects of my job as a project manager here at EdPlus. I’m excited to explore that further and gain more experience with the technical side of what we are working on at EdPlus."