EdPlus’ edgy elegance to be on display at Hack Day Dec. 6-7

EdPlus CEO Phil Regier is excited about the 7th annual Hack Day coming up on Dec. 6-7.

“There’s an edge to what we do at EdPlus and Hack Day culturally reinforces that Edge,” Regier said.

Regier describes Hack Day as a mash-up of a hack and a marathon where EdPlus staff take a day and a half away from their usual jobs, form teams and work together to come up with elegant, technical solutions to problems. 

Philippos Savvides, head of Learning Technologies for EdPlus, helped plan and has participated in the last six Hack Days. He likes “the creative and fast-paced environment and pressure to come up with a solution in a short period of time.” 

Regier explains that Hack Day is an opportunity to take a day away from one’s usual job and focus on something that would really benefit us.

“It’s a great event and important to the culture of the unit,” he said. “We do it for a number of reasons. There is an edge to what we do at EdPlus and Hack Day culturally reinforces that edge. We urge big ideas to be the focus of this.” 

Regier says that while most Hack Day ideas are not operationalized, there have been some fantastic ideas that have come out of Hack Day. For example, a group at Hack Day re-designed what students would see when they went into Class Search. The genesis of the Pitch app came from Hack Day as did the exercise equipment we have in the office and the activities we have around mindfulness. 

Hack Day will start at 8:30 am Dec. 6 and it will end at 3:30 pm. EdPlus will be serving lunch that day. EdPlus will then head over to the Hotel Valley Ho for our holiday party from 4-6 pm. Presentations and the winning project announcement will begin at 8:30 am, Dec. 7 at Skysong.