Dreamer succeeds at GFA and earns scholarship

When Alethia was a junior in high school, she decided to take it up a notch. She enrolled in honors and Advanced Placement classes then learned about her high school district’s partnership with Arizona State University’s Global Freshman Academy.
“Being part of the Global Freshman Academy was probably the best decision that I made in high school because it definitely challenged me more and made me more confident in knowing that I am ready for college and that I can be independent and also seek help in my professors and peers as well,” said Alethia. “I’m definitely happy that it will save me a lot of money in college. I am so grateful.”
Alethia enrolled in seven Global Freshman Academy courses from Human Origins to Introduction to Solar Systems, Astronomy, Sociology to English 101, graduating high school with 13 transferable college credits on her ASU transcript. She gained some new skills along the way that will not only help her in college, but in her future career.
“The skill I’ve definitely improved in is time management,” she said. “I have learned to be independent and balance myself and communicate with my peers and seek help if I need it and just to stay focused and stay on track and be disciplined with those deadlines.”
She appreciates the rigor and challenge of her Global Freshman Academy courses and believes they are giving her the preparation she needs moving forward into college.
The college application process can be daunting, particularly for someone whose parents are from another country and brought their children here under The DREAM Act, the Development, Relief and Education for Alien Minors Act, that granted legal status to immigrants who came to the U.S. for their children’s education. Despite the threat to her future under the current administration, Alethia persevered and applied to college.
“I decided to highlight that I was in the Global Freshman Academy in my college applications because I believe it showed them how much potential I have and that I’m college ready and ready to take on any challenging course that they throw at me and that I would succeed,” Alethia said.

Her story was heard by Robert Morris University which awarded her a full-ride, four-year scholarship for her “A” work throughout high school and her participation in ASU’s Global Freshman Academy.

“I definitely think I owe it to the Global Freshman Academy because it has prepared me for the college experience,” she said. Alethia plans to major in psychology and minor in sociology.