Designing effective learning experiences for Latin American students

Ensuring relevance and cultural sensitivity are key components the instructional design team sought to achieve when Coursera approached EdPlus at ASU about developing open scale courses in Innovation by Design, Thinking by Design and Creativity for Latin American students with the Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México (UNAM). To achieve these objectives, and in collaboration with international educators from Global Launch, Peter van Leusen, instructional design manager and Marc Sperber, creative design lead, worked to create an online course development guide for a global audience.Global Course Development Infographic rules and tools.

Some of the guidelines applicable to the creation of these courses for an online, multi-Spanish-dialect Latin American audience included: Removal of U.S. idioms, slang, acronyms and figurative language; clarification of references to Western landmarks; limited use of analogies and references to pop culture; inclusion of contributions to a field of study from other cultures and encouraging students to apply their own worldview to content.

More than 10,000 active learners have enrolled in ASU’s three courses and have rated the content, on average, 4.8 out of 5 stars. The program has received 99 percent positive feedback from learners.

“The course broadens my horizons, gives me a new vision of the world of innovation and passes it to tangible and applicable terms, ” said a learner.

"The course is very explanatory, dynamic and easy to understand. It really makes one fall in love with design.”

“This course has illuminated a new path in my professional life.”