COOP survey shows EdPlus ready to keep things moving

EdPlus participated in a yearly test of ASU’s Continuity of Operations Plan (COOP) last month and the results show most employees have reviewed the plan. The test was administered through an online survey to which 255 or 80% of all employees, students and regular guests responded.

Key findings included the following: 95% of respondents need their laptops to work offsite and take it home when they leave the office and 90% of respondents have their supervisor’s cell phone number to communicate in the event of an emergency. The most utilized systems necessary to keep work flowing are Dropbox, Salesforce, Slack, MyASU, Google Drive and Blackboard. 

Not sure what the COOP is? Take time to review the Continuity of Operations plan, and find other resources available to you on EdPlus 101. Also, take the oppoerutnity to ensure that you have fulfilled the ASU requirement of successfully completing the computer security training as well as other mandatory trainings.