Continuing and Professional Education Evolves

EdPlus is evolving the Continuing and Professional Education (CPE) business model focusing on real-time labor market data to determine the skills employers need now. We are able to rapidly identify, develop and launch non-credit, skill-based programs that are relevant to the market. Then, we purposely and deliberately develop these programs in collaboration with academic units.

CPE is becoming even more important in today’s workforce and is a key initiative for the university, and thus EdPlus. Darcy Richardson, director of Continuing and Professional Education explains that the function of CPE is to support career starters, career advancers, career changers and lifelong learners. CPE now has more than 200 courses available online serving 3,850 learners in the last year in topics ranging from business to education, science and sustainability. It’s a critical mechanism to help the lifelong learner continuously remain relevant and it’s how EdPlus provides affordable, convenient and flexible opportunities for these learners to upskill.

Ask Phil! CPE, A Key EdPlus Initiative V1 from EdPlus at ASU on Vimeo.

One of our new CPE courses was developed by ASU’s Center for Mindfulness and the Mayo Clinic. EdPlus provided expertise in instructional design, bringing the content to life in exciting ways. The goal is to provide an overview of how daily stress impacts people in terms of performance, thinking ability and physical health and to offer very accessible and practical tools to increase personal and professional well-being. The series of courses will also be promoted through corporate partner programs to help improve the health and wellness of employee populations.

ASU and the National WWII Museum have also just announced the launch of a non-credit WWII Professional Studies Certificate. The course is taught by the scholars of the Museum’s Institute for the Study of War and Democracy, as well as leading faculty from Arizona State University. Enrollment for this new CPE program opens in October, 2018 and the course begins in January, 2019.