Celebrating our EdPlus Heroes

EdPlus is a central enterprise unit for ASU focused on the design and scalable delivery of digital teaching and learning models to increase student success and reduce barriers to achievement in higher education.  We are problem solvers; we are true to our word and do what we say we will do; we work with intention and urgency as we tackle big issues; we boldly aim high. Each of these contributes to ASU’s culture of innovation.

This month, we honor 12 EdPlus Heroes, as nominated by their peers. Do you know an EdPlus Hero? Nominate them today!

Tom Fikes: For acting with a sense of urgency and spending a portion of his holiday break creating a report for MAT117 data to help expedite Adaptive research. Nominated by Dale Johnson and Rafael Testai. 

Lisa Kammerlocher: Who volunteered to help with a very difficult project that was outside her scope of work. Without her guidance, our courses would have been less clear and less engaging. Nominated by Joanna Zimmerman.

Ron Carranza: Who responded with urgency and excellence to a biology professor's pressing need for high quality graphics to help explain complicated cellular biology concepts. Nominated by Dale Johnson

Frank Cordova: Who rapidly organized and edited a wide array of videos from a many legacy sources to create a cadre of resources for a biology professor working on a tight deadline. Nominated by Dale Johnson and Renee Deljon.

Chandima Cumaranatunge: Who is simply the cool boss. Nominated by Sumanth Kodumuru.

Peter van Leusen: Who’s work on a dozen courses simultaneously in the BioSpine adaptive program for the School of Life Sciences has demonstrated a high level of management excellence and problem solving. He does what he says he will do and leads by example making Peter a tremendous asset to EdPlus. Nominated by Lauren Leo and Dale Johnson.

Emily Callahan: Who took the initiative in learning how to use Google sites and transferred information for 177 programs then worked to ensure that all users were aware of the site and had access. Nominated by Carolyn Culley.

Cooper Craig: Who is very dedicated, responsible and punctual. He pays attention to details and is calm and composed. Nominated by Avinash Patil.

Amanda Gulley: Who goes above and beyond her responsibilities to ensure successful, smooth and timely production releases. She is always available to resolve queries and make the entire DEV-QA cycle as smooth as possible. Nominated by Ramya Rao.

Sarah Johnson:  Who, in no time flat, integrated into the Global Freshman Academy team where she is articulate, highly adaptable, resourceful, reliable, helpful and fearless. Nominated by Jill Roter.

Kim Chadourne: Who, in less than a year, has solved problems and made transformative changes behind the scenes helping all of us at EdPlus have more transparent and useful information. Nominated by Karen Smith.

Roger Kohler: Who has invaluable experience and knowledge across many areas and is always willing to share and help colleagues brainstorm. His innovations are often those that would directly benefit ASU students and those who want to study here. Nominated by Brenna Furnish.