Baobab connects African scholars across 27 universities globally

The EdPlus Baobab team is rockin’ it with an alumni engagement program that is now providing vital soft skill development to 70% of Mastercard Foundation Scholars, taking the ASU charter tenets of inclusion, student success and social responsibility to new heights. The Mastercard Foundation Scholars Program provides full-ride scholarships to sub-Saharan African students focused on transformative leadership and positive change through give back projects in their home countries. There are 5,000 undergraduate scholars dispersed across 27 institutions and 150 of the Scholars are on campus at ASU. Baobab is the digital solution to bring the scholars community together to collaborate and learn.

It is the Baobab team’s job to engage the scholars across 27 institutions with a lifelong learning platform that teaches professional skills, provides alumni and outside expert mentorship and that fosters collaboration through a customized social network. Product owner Alley Rodgers describes that part of the platform “as if Facebook and LinkedIn had a baby.”

Now actively engaging 3,500 scholars with plans to grow to 30,000 by 2023, perhaps one of the most successful features of the Baobab platform is the Ask Me Anything mentorship feature where scholars interact directly online with entrepreneurs living in Africa who provide practical advice to the many scholars who are expanding their give back projects into businesses at home solving a societal need and providing jobs.