ASUO Instructor Layne Gneiting is the guide on the side, not the sage on the stage

When Dr. Layne Gneiting is not teaching OGL 220 Human Dynamics in Relationships and the Workplace or BIS 402 Journeys in the Adventurous Mind for ASU Online, he’s is leading study abroad  and cycling adventures in stunning places like Budapest. This effervescent lifestyle comes through in his approach to teaching online. “I’m not the sage on the stage, but rather the guide on the side,” he says.


Creating conditions for discovery through frequent journaling requirements as opposed to traditional testing ensures that students are mastering chapter concepts while allowing Gneiting to be a mentor as opposed to a grader. He believes that by embracing a mentor model, he can hold students accountable without judging them and that they, in turn, will become mentors and encourage others to take his courses.


Gneiting enjoys working with EdPlus Instructional Designer Brendan Lake who helps bring Gneiting courses to life online.  “Brendan invites, he doesn’t force,” says Gneiting adding, “My menu made sense to me, but it plunged students into a world of confusion. Brendan was instrumental in creating an organized environment where students can easily access video, quizzes and e-portfolios to create team projects. It’s made me better able to help students zero in on their dreams and work toward achieving them.”