ASU Earned Admission program gives student a second chance

Danica Langhart dreams of becoming a crime scene investigator‒a pursuit she never considered 13 years ago when, right out of high school, she enrolled at McNeese University to study elementary education. During her first year, Langhart didn’t take her studies seriously and her grade point average plummeted to less than a 1.5. She dropped out. Langhart thought a bachelor’s degree was out of her reach, until she heard about ASU’s Earned Admission program. Now, she’s reaching for a degree in Forensic Psychology at age 29.

Q: What options did you have after you dropped out at age 19?

A:  I decided to go to cosmetology school and after going through that program, I got my license. I became a cosmetologist and did that for a few years before getting married, settling down and having our daughter. 

Q: Did you ever consider going back to college?

A: I didn’t think it was possible. My life was set, both personally and for my career. But then we moved to Arizona and something happened. My husband got a job at ASU. He became happy and passionate about the higher education system and it made me excited to see his energy! 

Q: What changed about your thinking concerning a degree for yourself?

A:  I wanted that too! I thought my wings were clipped though. How was I going to get past my rotten GPA, figure out what I would study if I got in and help take care of my family?  

Q: These are tough questions without easy answers. What did you do?

A:  Well, I started looking at an elementary education degree through ASU Online, but that career wasn’t singing to me. I still didn’t know if I could even pass a college class or when I would be able to study. And then, I heard about ASU’s Earned Admission program. I found out that if I took four general education courses, and passed with a 2.75 GPA, that I would be admitted to ASU or I could transfer the credits to another university. What was even better was with Earned Admission, I would get to prove I was college material without regard to my disastrous grades from McNeese or any consideration of past SAT or ACT scores. And, if I decided to put the grades on my ASU transcript, the cost to do so is at a reduced rate.

Q: Where are you in the process right now? 

A: I’ve taken English, Human Origins, Sociology and Macroeconomics. I’ve got a 3.0 GPA and I converted the credits so the grades appear on my ASU transcript. I have since applied and have been admitted to ASU! I feel pretty awesome that I’m being given the chance to succeed at a top tier research university like ASU. It’s true what they say about ASU being inclusive, not exclusive.  

Q: What degree will you pursue?

A:  I really want to pursue forensic studies to become a crime scene investigator or maybe to work in a forensics lab. The degree at ASU is called Forensic Psychology. Now that I’m admitted to ASU, I’m planning to go full-time online. I want to take as many credits as I can handle at night (when I have the time to focus on my studies). I can’t wait to get started and it’s going to be possible because I earned my way back into college!