ASU announces first pilot of Project BOLD in Rwanda

Via ASU Now

Arizona State University and Kepler, a non-profit university program based in Rwanda, have announced the first pilot for Project Bold.

The Borderless Opportunities for Learning and Development (BOLD) project aims to improve the expansion of higher education to traditionally underserved populations. Project BOLD was launched April 19, 2017.

Since it’s launch in the Kiziba Refugee Camp in Western Rwanda, 25 Kepler Kibiza students have begun working towards a U.S.-accredited bachelor’s degree. The pilot course selected was College Algebra and Problem Solving (MAT 117). Once the students have successfully completed the pilot course, they will receive academic credit for MAT 117.

This project in partnership with Kepler, is part of EdPlus at ASU’s larger initiative to expand access to higher education, and focus on an inclusive model of education that’s able to scale with the demanding needs of the 21st century.

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