ASU and adidas scholarship partnership announced

Via ASU Now

Arizona State University and adidas have announced their plans to provide 100 adidas employees with access to higher education as part of their partnership in the Global Sport Alliance.

In similar execution to the Starbucks College Achievement Plan, EdPlus at ASU is making scholarships available to a pilot-sized group of benefits-eligible adidas employees within the U.S., and will cover the majority of costs to attend ASU Online.

“From [adidas’] standpoint, it not only achieves their mission of social purpose but of investing in their workforce, in the people who make them successful. For [ASU], it allows us to deliver on our charter and make people successful,” said Jeffrey Angle, executive director of marketing and relationships at EdPlus.

In an event held at the adidas Village in Portland, Oregon, the President of adidas North America Mark King took the stage to address the elated crowd of adidas employees. ASU President Michael M. Crow also made an appearance and discussed impact and innovation.

EdPlus at ASU has been a key player in setting the bar for unprecedented education initiatives  and forming unique partnerships. ASU and adidas are committed to providing life-changing educational opportunities through the Global Sport Alliance, to anyone who seeks them.

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