ASU & AGFE launch master’s programs across 22 Arab countries

This fall, EdPlus at ASU will formally launch 28 ASU Online masters programs available in 22 Arab countries in association with the Abdulla Al Ghurair Foundation (AGFE). The Open Learning Scholars (OLS) initiative will provide full-ride scholarships for up to 550 underserved, high-achieving Emirati and Arab youth under 30-years-old. The program is currently being piloted with four scholars who enrolled for spring A. 

These master’s programs represent the ongoing commitment by ASU to expand its diverse and increasingly global student body of students and by AGFE to help train a new generation of Emirati and Arab youth who also may be working full-time or handling family responsibilities.

Lisa Flesher, Director of Strategic Initiatives at EdPlus, says that the degree programs include engineering, education, health care, sustainable tourism and teaching English as a second language. So far, the Knowledge and Human Development Authority in Dubai has authorized 28 AGFE Open Learning Scholars online degree programs laying the foundation for seeking approval for the other Emirates within the UAE as well as the other 21 Arab countries.

Discover how AGFE and ASU are working together to expand access to education around the world.

 Watch Leah Lommel and Phil Regier discuss the AGFE initiative.