Ask Phil Young Thinkers Program

The EdPlus at ASU Young Thinkers Program is gaining momentum! This partnership between ASU and the Al Ghurair Foundation for Education (AGFE), facilitated by EdPlus, is a college and career readiness program designed for Emirati and Arab youth ages 15-25. Since it’s November 2018 launch, the program already has more than 3,000 enrollments. In this edition of Ask Phil, CEO and Dean Regier sat down with Bethany Weigele, senior director of Lifelong Learning Initiatives at EdPlus to discuss what it takes to make an international effort like this successful.

In the video, topics can be found at the following timestamps:

  • (:59)   What is the Young Thinkers Program?

  • (1:48) The broader relationship between ASU and AGFE

  • (2:51) Enrollments and indicators

  • (3:26) Alignment with ASU’s charter and EdPlus’ mission

  • (5:13) Continuous improvement process

  • (6:20) Observations from Success Advisors

  • (7.07) The team that makes the Young Thinkers Program successful