The Action Lab unveils the value of scaled digital learning

Via ASU Now.

In higher education, the need to organize a new environment is at an unprecedented high. College institutions are beginning to understand that digital education is the perfect delivery method for growth and opportunity. These digital environments currently help about 6 million students and they continue to expand across the globe, creating revolutionary access to education.

A recent study conducted by the Action Lab at Edplus at ASU and the Boston Consulting Group, with support from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, found that digital learning delivers greater student outcomes, higher institutional revenue and improved access when colleges and universities take a strategic approach to digital learning. This approach involves developing high quality courses and programs online for students. 

The study involved looking at six leading institutions that use digital learning to serve large and diverse student populations. For students who took at least some portion of their degree program online, the university reported higher retention and graduation rates. These student outcomes also improved access and grew revenue for the institutions. 

The evidence of this study is compelling enough to suggest that colleges and universities who are looking to grow revenue and improve student performance and access, should consider a similar strategy of maximizing digital learning to serve their students.

Read the story on ASU Now  or download the full study here.